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Our Story

Mission to reduce
single-use plastics

Our Slogan

"Be the change."

Our brand's vision aims to change the single use plastic habit. By making reusable, plastic-free bubble tea cups affordable, user-friendly and aesthetic, we hope to encourage bubble tea loving youths to switch over to a more eco-friendly option.

Designed to reduce negative environmental impacts, our cups are made using strong, lightweight borosilicate glass and outfitted with non-slip silicone sleeves. These environmentally friendly materials come together in a sleek, modern design that will help to save the planet.

Meet the Founder

Sam is a recent graduate from the University of Queensland, Australia. He was exposed to Australia’s green culture during his stay, which gave him the inspiration and motivation to start this project.

Sam came up with the concept of a plastic-free reusable bubble tea cup after returning home to Malaysia. It didn’t take him long to realize that bubble tea is loved by many. As bubble tea businesses continue to grow, the amount of single-use plastic waste that they produce also gradually increases.

OneCup was founded in 2019, in the hope of reducing negative environmental impacts in both Malaysia, as well as the rest of the world.

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